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Friday, September 16, 2011

Beauty Stash: Lip Colour, Care and Tips

Last weekend, I alloted a few minutes sorting our my lipsticks and lip glosses.  The last time I de-cluttered all of my make-up was in March but I thought I should re-visit my lipsticks and glosses once again and throw away some which I think may already be expired. 

I de-clutter my make-up every six months for two reasons:
(1) to make sure that I don't put anything on my face that is already expired
(2) to remind myself that I have enough supply because sometimes when I go to the shops and find good deals, I get tempted to buy new make-up when I don't really need it.

According to what I have read in articles online, lipsticks and lip glosses should only be kept for one to two years from the time you used it.  If you forgot when you bought your lipstick, throw it out when it smells rancid.  That means, it is spoiled and should not be used.  Lipliners last up to three years.  For lipliners, they could last from three to five years.

Nowadays, I'm going for having minimal stuff and would like to cut down on purchases that I don't really need and adds clutter. 
My de-cluttering last weekend resulted to throwing out three lipsticks and three lip glosses.  I feel good having just the reasonable amount of lip essentials to cover my needs.  

After de-cluttering, I now have a reasonable amount of lip essentials that should last me for awhile.

My Lipsticks
(from left to right): 

The Face Shop's #7 and #10.  One of my great finds when I travelled to Seoul.  I found that their lipsticks doesn't dry my lips and glides smoothly when applied.

Magic Lipstick from Mercury Drug.  A cheap find of mine.  Just a small amount and I'd have very red lip colour for hours.  

Clinique's Bamboo Pink, 27 After Party, Raspberry Glaze and 12 Read-y to Wear.  Clinique is my favourite lipstick because I always it easy to find colours that suit my skintone and their lipsticks doesn't make my lips dry.

I used to buy pink and orange lipsticks but what currently I do is combine one of my red lipsticks with my nude (The Face Shop's #7 and Clinique's Bamboo Pink ) lipsticks and voila!  I am able to create a new customised colour. 
Fashion Fridays: Lip Colour,  Care and Tips

My Lip Glosses: Nivea Cherry Kiss and Clinique's Bamboo Pink, Kissy Fit, Mystique, Air Kiss, Juicy Apple and Bonfire.  I buy a few lip glosses for moments when I need some lip shine.  
Fashion Fridays: Lip Colour,  Care and Tips

My Lipliners: Siren by Australis and Fleur by BeBe.  I don't use lip liners all the time because I forget that I need to use them! I only have two: a red shade and reddish brown shade.
Fashion Fridays: Lip Colour,  Care and Tips

Care for my lips during the day: Carmex and Burt's Bees.  I could never live without a lip balm.  There are days when I'd forget to put colour on my lips (even at work, I forget to put lipstick on) but always I will have lip balm on.  I hate having dry lips.  I never thought I'd find a good lip balm for me until I found Carmex and Burt's Bees.  Carmex is the best for me, hands down.  I love Burt's Bees too because of it's cooling sensation to the lips.
Fashion Fridays: Lip Colour,  Care and Tips

Care for my lips during bedtime: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and Lucas' Papaw Ointment.  These two are found on my bedside table because I won't be able to sleep without putting anything to moisturize my lips.  I alternate between the two depending on my mood.
Fashion Fridays: Lip Colour,  Care and Tips

Need tips on applying lip colour?  Read How to Apply Lipstick.

Would like to know the shelf-life of your make-up?  Check out Expiration Dates of Beauty Products and What is the Shelf Life of Make-up?

Pucker up and have a great weekend!

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