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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Freshly "French Pressed" Coffee at Home

Although I'm glad that the Christmas Blend is now available in Starbucks via Ready Brew range, I still love my  freshly brewed coffee at home.
We usually buy grounded coffee but we recently bought a very cheap coffee grinder to complete our "coffee ensemble".  

The reasons why we now buy coffee beans: 
(1) the beans last longer on shelf compared to grounded coffee
(2) the freedom to control how many beans we will grind on a certain time
(3) control over how coarse or fine we want our grounded coffee

If you want to have good coffee at home, the cheapest and best way is to have a coffee grinder and French Press (a.k.a. coffee press).  Using a coffee press results to stronger and better tasting coffee compared to coffee made by machines. 
Fresh Coffee Beans + French Press = extra full-bodied coffee flavour.
I just love the smell of coffee beans
French Press-ing our Coffee
Our fresh cups of coffee
It may seem very manual and time-consuming but it works for us.  We don't mind doing "manual labour" since it has resulted to better-tasting coffee. Oh and I love the romance that goes with the grinding and French pressing of coffee. And if only for that, we know that the ritual of grinding and pressing coffee is always worth it.

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