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Monday, December 5, 2011

Things I Love: Cord Wrap & Skirt Hanger

Chanced upon a home & lifestyle store called Howards Storage World and found a lot of great storage solutions and things useful in our daily life. If I had a lot of money, I'd gladly remodel our home and buy a lot of stuff from their store.  But unfortunately not so I just chose two things that I really needed at the moment.

bobino Cord Wrap.  Since it's such a hassle to untangle my earphones everytime I take it out of my bag, I just had to buy a Cord Wrap so my earphone cords can be organized.  The Cord Wraps come in different sizes: Small, Medium & Large and can be used for any wires or cables.  Check bobino's website for more of their products

4-Tier Hanger for Skirts and Trousers.  This 4-Tier Hanger is such a space saver.  I've accumulated lots of skirts for the past year (I've become a "skirts" girl lately) and it's a challenge keeping them in separate hangers.  I'm grateful I find this last week and now my skirts are more organized.

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