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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 in Review and My "Thank You's"

Thanks to my Husband who found this heartwarming video online that I can't help but share with you.  I meant to blog about this last week but I've been busy de-cluttering at home.  We've been on holiday the whole of last week and took the opportunity to get the home organized and sorted out stuff we don't need.

Anyway, back to this video.  I really hope you find the time to view this.  2011 was a big year for the whole world.  A lot of stories of adversities, calamities and achievements.  Stories that broke our hearts but renewed our hopes.  A mix of the good and bad.  Most of the things I learned in 2011 came from what the universe is telling all of us.  In 2011, I opened myself to what the universe' messages instead of just rely on what is happening immediately before me.  I was deeply affected by the calamities that happened in 2011, especially with what happened in Japan.  It broke my heart and became an eye opener.

Personally, 2011 had been a challenging year for me.  Some moments were difficult and I'm relieved to have surpassed this year's most trying times.  But my greatest personal learning is to never give up.  Never give up what I'm dreaming for, my aspirations and my faith in God.  Never give up on the people I love and believe in.  

For 2011, I'm grateful for

...the everyday chance I've been given to do the things I'm passionate about: be a wife, have a career, write, take photographs, travel and explore.

....the chance to love and spend time with my loved ones.  

...the opportunity to meet old and new friends, kindred spirits and strangers that turn into angels in my life.

...the gift to go back home to my motherland, the Philippines.

...the joy of falling in love with a place and culture: Seoul, Korea.

...knowing who my true "Hanes" are; I have always known I'm loved by my friends, but last year, some circumstances in my life have evidently shown me the friends who genuinely cares for me.

...the insightful lessons I learned from my mistakes and the challenges that pushed me to be creative and resourceful.

...little and big things that put meaning into each day, may it be milestones or disappointments.

Thank you 2011!  You were a big adventure for me.  It was not the best year but it was meaningful and still beautiful.  As I face 2012, I shall bring forth your lessons on humility, simplicity and gratefulness.