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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sydney Welcomes 2012 : Time to Dream

The first 12 minutes of 2012, our eyes were glued to the tube to witness Sydney's fireworks display worth six million dollars and 15 months of preparation to cater to 1.5 Million people on the harbour and millions of viewers around the world.  

This year's show was spectacular more than ever.  It was the best I've ever seen that Sydney can come up with.  They have more colourful and creative fireworks this year.  They have also synchronised the fireworks in Darling Harbour.  From the organisation, safety of the crowd and the amazing show, nobody does it better than Sydney. If you are travelling to see the NY fireworks in Sydney, it is always worth it.

And this year's fireworks theme is about dreaming and thinking of endless possibilities.
Discover the inspiration behind the theme for 2011 Sydney New Years Eve.
Dreams are interpretations, aspirations of our desires and hopes. Dreams have the fluidity, richness and depth that simple rational thinking doesn’t.
Australia was built upon dreams. From the dreamings of past millennia to the dreams of recent settlers. Whether day or night-time, dreams are our minds in free-flow, uninhibited and reflecting what we truly aspire to. From little babies to old people, we all dream. New Year’s Eve is when fantasy and aspirations flow. A vision for the coming year, with designs on a better life. The moonstruck and lovestruck may dream of fulfilment. The stargazers dream of the worlds beyond ours.
Australians dream every day, whether that’s by buying a lotto ticket, reading of the lives of celebrities, or planning a trip. Every NYE midnight is a blank canvas for us all. Like a white sheet of paper that stares back at a writer, artist or designer, the possibilities are infinite. And in the reverie that swirls around us as midnight approaches, it is a Time to DREAM.

(If you can't view here, click this video source)

Happy New Year!  May we never cease to dream of endless possibilities.  May 2012 inspire us to make our dreams into realities.  Let's us all shine with positivity today and always.