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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cheap Authentic Eats at Ton Ton Takeaway (Sydney,NSW)

The good thing about eating out in Sydney is that we have a lot of options for cheap authentic eats. The Husband and I eat out at least once a week, usually on a Thursday or Friday, because we need a break from  cooking and washing dishes at home. We frequent small joints which serve reasonably priced and freshly-cooked dishes. Ton Ton Takeaway is one of those places in the city where we have a quick dinner before jumping on the train home. They are primarily a Japanese takeaway restaurant but they have a few chairs and tables for patrons who would like to dine in alfresco. They serve classic dishes such as bento boxes, ramen, soba and udon noodles. They also sell bottled sake and beers imported from Japan.
On Thursday night, the Husband had a go with their Mabo Don, soft tofu and mince pork with an almost soupy sauce of mild chili.
 I ordered a hot and comforting bowl of Kara-age Ramen.  The kara-age (chicken) was so crispy and lightly-salted, I almost can't get enough of it. 
Both were perfect dishes for a cold winter's night. It came in generous servings good enough to share. These two dishes cost us less than AUD$20.00

A water dispenser is available for patrons who don't want to order soda or alcoholic drinks. 

Ton Ton Takeaway 
Ground Floor, 501 George St
Sydney 2000 
Ph: 02 9267 1313
Fax: 02 9267 9995