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Friday, August 10, 2012

Thursday "Me" Time at My Sweet Memory

It's been awhile since I've had coffee at My Sweet Memory (MSM) so after work yesterday, I hung out in the city with a Korean flair. I started my little adventure at Morning Glory where I enjoyed looking at cute stuff and luckily I was able to buy the most comfortable fleece pajamas ever--on sale too! Then I went to a video/music store that sells Korean DVDs/CDs so I can see the latest Kpop albums in the market. My final stop was at MSM for coffee and vanilla cupcake in a dotted cup. I took this time to do a bit of writing while I enjoy a late afternoon tea. 

I see dots and cream.

Design+Function = Art

After an hour, the Husband joined me. He got off work early but when he arrived, he opened his laptop to work haha.  Oh well, at least we were already together.  We both had a long day at work and to be seated next to each other while we hear the tapping of keyboards was of great comfort to us.
My Sweet Memory
95 Bathurst Street
Sydney, NSW