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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Curly Fries Baked at Home

And the saga to finding curly fries continue.

I'm already thankful that we found curly fries at The Great Bagel & Coffee Company but more so when we discovered ready-to-bake curly fries at ALDI. We knew that ALDI sells Seasons Pride Curly Fries (found at the frozen food section) but we seldom visit ALDI. But since the Hubby's craving for it, going out of the way to buy is out of the question. So we tropped to the nearest ALDI store first thing on Sunday morning and did our groceries there.

On Sunday afternoon, I saw one of the Husband's biggest smiles when I served baked Curly Fries for afternoon tea. He loved this more than the ones at Great Bagel & Coffee Company because it was seasoned and similar to the McDonald's Curly Fries from the Philippines. Finally, we will never be lonely for Curly Fries. :)
Curly Fries baked at home
Curly Fries baked at home