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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last Week's Dining Adventures

As much as we like dining at home, there are weeks that we'd eat out more often than planned. Last week was one  of those weeks. Due to errands we had to do, the choice to eat out was the most practical thing to do. 

Attended mass last week in celebration of Ash Wednesday so the Husband and I met up in the city. Hunger pangs struck us so we head to the nearest Pepper Lunch for some Hamburger Steak (for the Husband) and Salmon Teriyaki (for me).
I had shopping errands on Thursday so I went to the shops after work. After I was through, the Husband suggested we meet up near his workplace and have dinner before go home. We took that chance to have some Korean cuisine that night. Husband had a colourful Chicken Bibimbap while I had a Tofu and Pork Stew at Kaizen BBQ
 I love the little bowls they use for their Banchan
The following day was one big errand day for us. We both took a day off and woke up very early (para din kaming pumasok sa office) and had our car check-up and service. Sans breakfast, we appreciated that our car's service centre had a comfortable lounge (complete with TV and wi-fi) and served pastries and good coffee. 
That day consisted of one errand after another. Our last stop on Friday was at IKEA. We had a heavy afternoon snack before we left home then went out. After walking around the second floor of IKEA in Homebush, we stopped by their food court to rest and have a light snack of Vegetarian Spring Roll, Mashed Potato and Chocolate Cupcake. We just shared these between the two of us as we're still a bit full from our meal at home.
In our books, this was indulgence. So this week, we're going to take it easy with after work errands and give ourselves a break from dining out.