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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Got The Cinema Theatre All To Ourselves

This is just something for the books and an experience that the Husband and I won't ever forget.

We were supposed to go up the mountains last Friday but changed our plans due to the awful weather (unpredictable rains!) so we decided to book tickets to the latest Star Trek movie. It was a Friday afternoon and we saw a few people lined up at the counters. When we got inside the theatre, it was us and only us. Wow!

At first I found it quite scary to be just us alone in the huge theatre. I think the big space and darkness overwhelmed me. But once I got over it, it was sooooo much fun watching a movie like Star Trek with just us inside the theatre. I got to laugh and scream as loud as I can. We had no inhibitions as to how we'd react. Plus, the Husband and I didn't have to whisper our side comments during certain scenes. It felt like we're just sitting in our lounge room only we had a bigger screen!

Good thing the Husband brought his little flash with him that he was able to take a photo of me inside the theatre. I told him this happy circumstance might never happen again so we should have a photo. 
And by the way, Star Trek Into Darkness was an entertaining film. It was definitely worth watching on the big screen.