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Monday, July 1, 2013

Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Quote Book (And My Thoughts On Being Happy)

Happy 1st day of July, everyone!

Let's start the second half of the year with a cheerful post, shall we? 

I discovered this book at kikki.K early this year and the first thing I thought of was to get a few pieces to give to friends. I have always believed that happiness felt from within should always be shared with the people you hold dearly. As much as I would love to give a copy of this book to everyone I love, well, some of them would have to wait (haha!) because I can't afford to give each one a copy--yet.
Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book
The HAPPY Quote Book is a compilation of quotes on Happiness interpreted thru wonderful artworks and illustrations. It also includes a fold-out poster which you can frame and hang on your wall.
Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book
Here are a few of my favourite Happy Quotes and a bit of comments from me:

Think happy thoughts. 
_MG_26Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book82
Most times, it's the little everyday things that give us a joy. 
Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book
This quote supports my belief that happiness should come from within us. The pursuit of happiness must start in us and we should never depend on someone else or some things to make us happy. 
Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book
A quote from a famous song which I love. One of the recipients of the books I gave out took a photo of this quote via instagram and tagged me. I was very touched by my friend's gesture.
Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book
Dedicated to the love of my life. 
Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book
I always relate happiness to gratitude. I believe that being happy is appreciating the blessings we have ALL the time. It's like seeing rainbows of opportunities in a sea of challenges. And I also believe that as long as there are things to be grateful for, there is no reason to be unhappy.
Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book
Happiness is a choice.
Discovered Inspirations: The Happy Book
I love this book! It's inspiring and fun (because of its adorable illustrations) at the same time. A pocketful of reminders to live a life filled with happiness and inspiration.

The Happy Quote Book is available at kikki.K.

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