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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cookie Butter Spreads

I learned about cookie butter spreads via instagram photos, specifically from IGers in the Philippines. It has become sought-after that it's being sold at expensive prices. One of the famous brands being sold in Manila is the Trader Joe's Cookie Butter and though I came across it in Rockwell, I didn't buy it because I found the cost unreasonably expensive.

I mentioned the cookie butter spread to a friend who was about to go to America for a holiday. However, when she got there, all three Trader Joe's branches she went to were sold out on the cookie butter. According to one of the owners, a lot of Filipinos hoard the cookie butters. So instead of the TJ Cookie Butter, my friend brought home the original cookie butter spread made from Belgium, Lotus Biscoff Spread (a.k.a. cookie butter).

On the other hand, I discovered that we can also get Lotus Cookie Butter spreads here in Australia via the online store: (thanks to an IGmate for the tip!) So I went online and got ourselves a bottle of each: Lotus Speculoos, Lotus Speculoos with Chocolate and Duo Penotti.
We have tried all three and all were good-tasting spreads. The Speculoos spread tastes like the real cookie butter wherein I can very much taste the cinnamon and nutmeg. I like the Speculoos spread enough to have it once in a while and alternate it with other spreads. I've learned a tip to put it in pancakes and oatmeals so maybe one day I'll try that too.
Cookie Butter Spreads
The Speculoos with Chocolate tastes exactly like a cookie butter dipped in chocolate. I ordered this in the hopes that the Husband will like it because he's a choco-holic, however, he wasn't impressed with this spread. He said it wasn't chocolate-y enough. It seemed okay with me though, me being an average chocolate lover. 
Cookie Butter Spreads
Cookie Butter Spreads

Because of this Speculoos phenomenon in the Phils, I realized we have a very boring selection of spreads at home. For years, it has always been just peanut butter, strawberry jam and Nutella for us. 
I'm glad we got to try these Speculoos spreads. We weren't blown away by it but we appreciate being able to try other spreads for a change. This also got me thinking to have a look out for different spreads available in cafes here. You'll know know, right? I might just find a delicious spread that our home will love.