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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013 Celebrations

The start of December meant the start of Christmas celebrations. While we're still busy finishing tasks at work, our free time were spent preparing for meeting up with loved ones. Our Christmas was a balance of simple merriment and quiet moments, making this year our most relaxed Christmas. 

I realized that having a relaxed Christmas is all in the attitude. Instead of thinking how Christmas is always a busy time, the Husband and I just went with the flow and didn't care about crowds in the malls or panicked that we haven't completed gifts for loved ones. We just did what we could with the free time we had after work. On Christmas week, we're happily eating out and leisurely hung out at the shops in the midst of shoppers. It also helped that get-togethers with loved ones were organised in advanced. 

Below are a few snippets of how we spent Christmas:

Our annual get-together with Kolokoys (the name of our group) was an afternoon of catching up and playing games. We alloted one Saturday so we can have enough time spent with each other.
Our Sydney Tweethearts get-together was a breakfast party in the city. 
Drinks after work with my team was a good breather for all of us. It was also a celebration for the great year we had at work. 
Christmas date with Hubby in the city. We walked inside Strand Arcade and I had a photo of my favourite Christmas Tree in the city. Before we went home, the Husband indulged me with a cup of Toffee Nut Latte. 
Last day of work was on the 24th. We had a festive breakfast at work as the boss grilled some bacon, eggs and sausages.  It was a chance for the whole office to sit down and enjoy a meal for one last time before 2013 ends. After work, I met up with Hubby for late lunch.
We spent Christmas morning at church and then had a lovely lunch with family. It was an opportunity not just to spend time with family living here in Sydney but we took time out to video call family living in the Philippines and America. Technology these days are such wonderful help in getting connected to loved ones around the world. We had lots of yummy food that left us full and satisfied but made room for the grand finale, a Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato Cake. 
Boxing Day, the 26th is when some parts of Australia come alive with malls opening and offering big discounts on their merchandise. A lot of people troop down to malls and shop to their hearts content. The Husband and I took a quiet route of watching a movie instead of go to the shops. We enjoyed the second Hobbit movie. 
Last Sunday of 2013 was Yum Cha lunch with friends. A solid 4-hour of eating good food and catching up. A great way to end our Christmas week.

This Christmas, the Husband and I decided not to give gifts to each other. We wanted to focus on spending time with loved ones and true meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus.