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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

November on Ibyangram

Ibyang + Instagram = Ibyangram
While my instagram photos are shared on my twitter page and sometimes on my tumblr and fb page, I would like to have a monthly dump of ibyangrams on AWCL too. It is thru instagram that I share everyday moments and random finds. I use instagram as my real time mini-blog. Every end of the month, I'll be choosing a couple of photos from my instagram and share it here because I have something more to say about a certain ibyangram.
Christmas came in early this year as November was filled with moments spent with family. The whole month, I made efforts to spend as much time with my Mom and relatives here in Sydney and from America. There were lots of going around Sydney, eating out, big and small get-togethers and we even sneaked out of Sydney to spend a day at the Hunter Valley. To have family living in different parts of the world is always a great exercise on being present in the now and being grateful for time spent with them. Time with family is the best Christmas gift we have received this year.

I'm sharing a few snippets of our time together in last month's Ibyangram and a few other things that made up my November.

Mom's first Spring visit in Sydney. I'm so happy that she finally saw the pretty Jacaranda Trees that I've always talked about! 
Christmas came early this year in the guise of my Mom. So as I have my first cup of my favourite Toffee Nut Latte, I'm spending it with her.
An IKEA breakfast spread. Treating Mom to cheap Swedish brekkie haha!
Wearing Spring hues on a gloomy, rainy day. Wickedly happy colours!
Inspired by Royce' Potato Chip Chocolate, the Husband created his version only that his one was dipped in Dark Chocolate.
Pastry breakfast for three at the La Renaissance Cafe. 
Exploring Watsons Bay. A charming little beach where we had fish and chips for lunch.
An El Jannah dinner! We finally have an El Jannah branch near our place. It's the best charcoal-grilled chicken in Sydney. 
Grateful for thoughtful friends. Received a package from one of my dearest friends from Manila and it included a "bling-ified" Snoopy charm that can be used as a chain for phones. I love it! It's so pretty. 
Spectacular view of a vineyard in Hunter Valley. Our family spent the whole day tasting wines, eating cheese and having lunch and coffee at the Hunter Valley Gardens. Oh and we did a bit of shopping too.
Rewarding ourselves with Adriano Zumbo's Macarons. Delicious flavours: Pandan Sticky Rice, Toasted Marshmallow, Salted Butter Popcorn, Apple Pie & Chocoron (the one with the smiling face).
Lovely day, lovely wedding. Our family witnessed the beautiful wedding of my cousin. Lots of happy smiles and touching moments.
Afternoon Tea at Max Brenner. Left work early so I can hang out with the family for afternoon tea.
Shared our love for Korean Food to the family. Went to Koreatown in Strathfield for a Korean BBQ Lunch at Won Jo and then ended up having coffee and Bingsu at My Sweet Memory Cafe.
Gold Coin for the Philippines. Our office held a fundraising morning tea for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. We served Brazo de Mercedes & Leche Flan Chiffon Cake (from a Filipino bakery) along with biscuits & cheese, brownies, chips & scones. I'm so grateful to everyone who participated.
My lomo cameras have been calling out to me lately so I bought 3 rolls of 36-exposure films. I already finished a roll of film and currently waiting for them to be developed.

Grateful for my November. Later on, after a few years perhaps, I will chance upon looking at these November Ibyangrams again and all I'll feel will be appreciation and love.