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Monday, January 6, 2014

Food Find: Matcha-Flavoured Kit Kat Chocolates

I've read about matcha-flavoured Kit Kat chocolates from Filipino bloggers before and it was something that I hoped I'll get to taste. The idea of green tea chocolate interests me because I love drinking green tea. 
I'm aware that there are stores in Manila that sells these matcha-flavoured Kit Kats but I never pursued to encounter them during my vacations there. I figured that maybe one day, it will come to me unexpectedly.

And it did happen in an unexpected time. While my Mom and I were hanging out at Market City in Chinatown last November, we chanced upon a little candy shop called Sweet Spells. It caught my eye because I saw chocolates from America. Plus, it was such an attractive store that we can't resist going in. 

It's a small store and yet it was filled to the brim. It had chocolates and lollies from countries such the US, UK and Japan.

As we were looked for anything we might like, I was lucky to spot the matcha-flavour Kit Kats. The store was so colourful and the counters look quite cluttered so if I didn't look closely, I would've missed it. I saw that there were two kinds of matchas available: the Uji Matcha (Green Tea) and the Sakura Matcha (Green Tea with Cherry Blossoms). I got myself a box each so we can try them both. A warning though, these didn't came cheap. Each box, which contains three small packs of Kit Kat, were priced at AUD$9.99. 

Fun part located at the back of the box: a place where you can write a note. If you are giving this as a gift, you can write your greeting at the back. I wrote a note for the Husband on the Uji Matcha on while he wrote a note for me on the Sakura Matcha.
We kept these chocolates for awhile and waited until the new year. Yesterday, we had them for dessert while sipping tea. 
The Uji Matcha (Green Tea) has a very strong matcha flavour. It had the bitterness of green tea with a hint of sweetness. The Sakura Matcha (Green Tea with Cherry Blossoms) was very milky and creamy. It was sweeter and only had a faint flavour of green tea.
Between the two flavours, I liked the Sakura Matcha better than the Uji Matcha. The next time I chance upon these matcha-flavoured Kit Kats, I will surely buy a box of the Sakura Matcha again.

R1.20A, Market City
9-13 Hay Street, Sydney
Phone: (02) 9281 1919