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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank You, 2013!

2013 was a great year for me. While I never ran out of challenges from time to time, I believe this year has been a wonderful journey of achieving milestones. I experienced a lot of breakthroughs as an individual and a wife and partner to my Husband. I appreciate my moments of awakening as a person. I seem to know myself more, of my needs and wants, of people and moments that matter to me. Some of my biggest learnings include: 
  • go back to my core when I feel uncertain 
  • that I take a different path from journey is mine and I shouldn't be pressured to do anything I don't want
  • that most of the time, I don't owe anyone an explanation 
  • to think, feel and speak kindly towards everyone 
  • that it's okay to ask for things to be easy instead of asking for strength or patience (God listened to me a thousand times and more often, he's made things lighter for me when I'm getting weak)
  • to walk away from anything or anyone that disturbs my peace and happiness
  • to find joy in the ordinary
  • to spend on experiences instead of things (because when accumulation of things are mismanaged, they just create clutter)
  • time is the greatest gift that one can give to a loved one
  • to love more and live more

My "Thank Yous"

Thank you for the abundance of blessings that 2013 has brought me:

…the gift of courage to stay away from unproductive things and negative people

…the gift of discipline to give up habits that doesn't do me good

…the desire to always learn, whether it involves my job or personal interests

…the opportunity to have a job that I love and one that loves me back

…the passion to do things as best as I could; be more proactive and think of results instead of excuses

…the gift of forgiveness and healing, to acknowledge my faults, forgive myself and forgive others

…the gift of peace and acceptance

…the chance to travel and experience another country’s food and culture

…the gift of coming home to our motherland, the Philippines. 

…the gift of time spent with loved ones, of friendships that re-connect and hearts that reunite.

…an abundance of indulgences in the form of material things, good food and great company

…the gift of friends; their friendship is food to my soul

…the gift of good health and a safe home

…the gift of faith that never waver, for a God that always listened and gave

…my family, their love is the most valuable thing in my world

We have done well, 2013. Thank you, dear God. Thank you, Universe.