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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sydney Welcomes 2014!

Happy 2014!

This year's Sydney New Year Fireworks was the best yet. I love this year's show because they had fireworks at the Sydney Opera House. They have also improved the way they do the waterfall fireworks on the Harbour Bridge (it's not as smoky as before). Another attraction were jet skis on the water that added "Wow!" to the ensemble. The 6.8 Million fireworks show drove 2 million people to different vantage points in the city and it was a party that didn't disappoint. Below are photos and the full video for you to enjoy (photos from and Reuters, while the video is from the Telstra website).

Message from Reg Mombassa (Creative Ambassador) on why he chose SHINE as his theme and the human eye as a symbol in this year's fireworks show:
The eye struck me as a suitable logo for the Shine theme as the individual soul and personality of the human shines through the eye like some organic laser beam.  It also relates to the harbour setting as the eye is a watery harbour nestled in the superstructure of the face, a blue or brown eye pond surrounded by ridgelines, gullies and promontories of flesh and bone. The eye image is continued through the banners and backdrops for the various parties along with a forest of gum trunks, native animals and depictions of iconic Sydney buildings.