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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bad Cold

I’m sick. I’m suffering from a very bad cold. My nostrils are all clogged up with you know what. I feel like my head is as big as the moon and it’s aching too. I’ve been sneezing all morning. My workmate Ann told me I look awful and advised me to go home. I told her I don’t want to go home because it’s warmer in the office than at home. Yes, the only reason why I go to work these days is because there’s free central heating here. And anyway, I don’t have fever (yet), so why should I stay home???

And it’s just not me to stay home and wallow just because of a cold. All the more that I would feel helpless, desperate, lonely, and all other negative feelings you can think of, if I stay in bed. At least at work, I feel useful and needed. Work is my reason for trying to be well. Wow, corny! I’m probably hallucinating now.

In times of these, I’m getting drunk on water! Water now and forever! :)

I believe that water will help me hydrate.
I believe that water will take my headache away.
I believe that water will unclog my runny nose.
I believe that water will prevent me from having a fever.
I believe that water will help me survive the day.

Okay, this sounds like an affirmation or something, but i'm really a fan of water. Water is my savior!

On other news, I've uploaded some photos from this weekend's happenings (Yum Cha!!! & Pinoy na Pinoy na Birthday). My weekend was all about celebrating birthdays so it's relative to food. My food highlights was eating pork bun (at the chinese resto) and manggang hilaw (at Tito Raul's birthday) last Saturday. Chinese and Pinoy Cuisine at its finest!