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Monday, September 10, 2007

Being Married, Maintaining Friendships, Having Fun

Sometimes you just have to breathe out and relax. Sometimes you just have to chill. When you're tired and slowly losing all your energy to even smile, you just have to call your friends and say, "Anyone who wants to have dinner with me?"

The past few weeks were totally exhausting for me. So many things going on at work plus I've got familial issues (like my husband's much awaited visa approval--the waiting is endless and it's killing me) hanging, so I emailed my girlfriends so we can celebrate the APEC --joke! :P

I wanted to feel good, happy and worry-free and I'm glad I have girlfriends whose willing to laugh off life's what-have-yous with me.

You know the email advising a woman getting married to never, EVER, forget your girlfriends? I totally agree with that one. I for one, wouldn't leave my friends hanging just because I am busy being a wife (that's why there is such a thing as time management). I'm totally amazed at how my married girlfriends manage to maintain a home and still be there for their friends at the same time. Not everyone can do this, I know so coz I've seen lots of married women isolate themselves from friends. I don't blame them, maybe there are women built that way. But for me, it's friends who give me additional strength and positivity to carry on everyday. It's the company of friends that rejuvenates me.

(L to R: Yyoni, Ibyang, Rachelle & Hilda)

Anyway, so last Thursday, we decided to hit Chinatown for dinner. We had four entrees and thought we would never be able to finish them all. But lo and behold, we didn't have any take aways. We thought we'd be able to bring home some leftover food so that incase we get hungry at Hilda's place, we'd have something to eat. But we were wrong hehehe. It's either we were just very hungry because we came from work or we are just matakaw individuals.

After dinner, we decided to celebrate some more by drinking at Hilda's place! Woohoo! Vodka to the max!

Oh how I missed drinking. It's been a long long time. So long that I can't remember the last time I got drunk or even got tipsy. Puro kape sessions kasi lately dahil sa Starbucks eh. And, my alcohol tolerance wasn't as good as before. After three shots, i got a little dizzy and lost count of shots I've dranked. All I knew was that the four of us finished the whole bottle.

But even if I'm tipsy already, I was still able to talk sense. I remember telling my friends about the robbery in our Taytay home and I was able to even answer Yyoni's question "What's good about being 30?" But I can't write down my answers here now coz I forgot hehehe. Basta, all I remembered was Rache and Hilda agreeing to what I said so my answer must have been sensible.

We all ended up happy and red from all the alcohol we consumed but more than anything, I think we were all happy because inspite of all of us being busy with work and personal lives, we were able to be there for each other.

Sober and drunk photos here: Girls Night Out (6 Sept 2007).