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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Girls Night In: Our (Fundraising) Pink Night Party

In celebration of Cancer Month, Hilda and I have decided to organize a Girls Night In which we called The Pink Night Party, a project in order to raise funds for the The Cancer Council Australia.

Girls Night In is celebrated all throughout the month of October. The idea is to invite your friends and ask them to donate the equivalent of what they spend on a night out. All funds raised will go to different cancer projects in Australia.

Organizers of the Party: Hilda, Ibyang, Liza and Arnold (not in photo)

Although this event was a Girls Night In, we have also invited partners/spouses of our friends and some guy friends.

To prepare for the party, Hilda and housemates Arnold and Liza decorated the place pink balloons. Arnold took the role of DJ and videoke master (naks!) and official photographer. Hilda, Liza and I prepared finger foods after lunch. We had chips and dips, cheese puffs, bacon and parsley voul-au-vents, salmon and turkish bread, sausage rolls and meat pies. Yyoni and family also brought KFC wicked wings (thanks Yyoni!). For dessert, we served pink donuts, tim tams, ice cream and strawberries.

We had a happy group last night as everyone enjoyed mingling with new acquaintances, catching up, eating, laughing and singing (we had an improvised videoke system thanks to Arnold). It was all good fun.

Hilda, Liza and I were the happiest last night as the party was a success. All efforts were worth it.

For more photos, please click here: Pink Night Party.

On a Personal Note:
This project is very special to me as a few years back I had an almost cancer scare. At a young age of 25, I realized how precious one's life really is and how we should always take care of our health and well-being.

If you feel anything different with your body or if you feel that something isn't right, please don't ever hesitate to see a doctor. It is better to know EARLY on before it's too late.