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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Manly Beach!!!!

This was a first time for me!!!!! Finally, I was able to go to Manly Beach after almost two years of being here in Australia.
After only 4 hours of sleep (Hilda and I slept at 1:30am) I woke up at 5:30am just so I could meet up with my Tita Bess and cousins Rachel and Patrick in the City.

I wasn't prepared to go to the beach on Saturday morning. Friday morning inside the train going to work, my tita told me that we were going to Manly beach. I said "What? I didn't bring clothes with me." Yeah, I planned to go home in work clothes again the following morning coz I was just going home anyway. So Friday after work, I stopped by a shop and bought a cheap shirt. I also borrowed a pair of sunnies from Hilda and then Rachel just brought my Havaianas with her.

At 6am, I was out and about. Arrived in the city at 7am. The city looked like a ghost town on a Saturday morning.

At 8am, we were off to Manly Beach via the ferry. Weee!!!! I was such a very excited child getting on a ferry, arriving at Manly, seeing new things---i love it! Ang saya-saya ko, grabe!

Oh I love Manly!!!! If I ever become rich I'd buy a house and live there. For the first time since I've lived here, meron na akong "dream place to live in Sydney."

Manly reminds me of The O.C. (you know the US TV series?) Ganung-ganun sya. It has a beach, it has shops around the beach and at the same time it's a residential area so it's a conducive place for settling down and having a family.

From 8:30-10am, we hung out by the beach area, playing with water and sand while enjoying the fresh air. It was cloudy at first but at around 9am, the sun finally shone.

After that we hung out at the shops and the markets. There was a Quicksilver shop that I really liked because of their interiors: they have walk-in closets where you can try your clothes on, a waiting area with cool sofas and lounge chairs and an aquarium.

We ate lunch at Ivanhoe where you can find the best $10 steak in Manly.
After lunch, we went back to the city and had dessert at Max Brenner at David Jones. We were a bit tired already by this time but before going home, we still window shopped at Myer because it is very seldom that we go to the city.

When I got home, I had this massive headache due to stress and not much sleep but nevertheless, I was so happy I was able to go somewhere I haven't been to today, plus I was able to spend time with my relatives. Happy :)
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