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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Glebe Cafes: Naggy's Cafe and Fair Trade Coffee Co.

I love spending mornings with the hubby having breakfast and coffee with him. I just feel so relaxed throughout the day when I start the day with him that way. In the meantime that he's not working yet, it is a privilege that I get to see him awake in the mornings. So it is a treat for me that once in a while he accompanies me to the city in the morning just so we can have breakfast together.

When I started working it Glebe Point Road (location where I work) I have always dreamed of Chris and I exploring some of Sydney's unique cafes there. So when Chris arrived here, I took him to two cafes I've been eyeing on for months.

Naggy's Cafe (333B Glebe Point Road)

The cafe is situated about a few meters away from my office, about a 2-3 minutes walk. Its unique name came from the chef and owner Nagendra Gautam.

Recently opened this year, this cafe caught my eye because of its eclectic interior designs. The first thing you will notice are the chairs...they're all mixed and different.

Then at the back part of the cafe, they seem to have these Victorian drawing room with red sofas---I love it!!!

They have this antique-looking lamps on the ceiling that made it more romantic in a way or just cozier perhaps.

On this one corner where the Victorian sofas were, they painted the wall red too.

On the walls, there were several framed flower photographs and paintings hanging. They even have mirrors of different sizes on the wall.

Chris ordered a Cafe Mocha while I had Cafe Americano, both poured into cute looking cups and were deliciously made.

We ordered Eggs and Bacon with Toast, a simple Australian breakfast that was well-cooked and arrived about 10 minutes after we ordered.

The staff are quick, friendly and attentive. We were taking photographs before we ate and the girl barista came over and asked us if we want to have our photograph taken...but we declined and said we're alright.

While some of the cafes in Glebe seemed old-fashioned, this cafe seems to be for the young and hip of Glebe. I see a lot of high school students hanging out here in the afternoons before going home or some uni students having coffee while engrossed typing away on their laptops.

Naggy's Cafe also serves lunch (I've tried their pasta for lunch and it's delish!), cookies and yummy cakes.

Fair Trade Coffe Company (33 Glebe Point Road)

Located near the corner of Glebe Point Road, this cafe is known for their Fairtrade Coffee and organic food they serve to their clientele.

Their interiors may look scattered or chaotic but it is homey and cozy nonetheless. When I was there, all I could say was "This is an artist's cafe" colorful and eclectic and poetic. Their walls have photographs and paintings that convey messages like this one:

Not to mention that they have an alligator for a table (hehehe)...

According to The Fair Trade Coffee Company their coffee and tea are free from exploitation. When you order a cup of coffee or tea from them, you can be sure that it is certified fair trade, meaning that every worker involved in producing that cup is paid a fair wage for their work.

Also, all proceeds from the Fair Trade Coffee Company go towards funding volunteer placements in countries such as Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and Kenya to assist in skill exchange programs which offer hope for a long-term, sustainable future. Ayos diba? Nabusog ka na, nakatulong ka pa!

And all their food is ORGANIC so its healthier....but then we ordered bacon, sausages and eggs (haha).

They served brown bread and it tasted good.

The bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes all tasted delicious and fresh.

The staff are friendly and accommodating. Newpapers and magazines are available all over the place so feel free to grab one and read while enjoying your fresh cup of coffee or tea.

This entry is for Armi and Arlene...cheers to our love for coffee!!!!! I hope one day soon I'll be able to join you both as you say "Prost!" before taking that first sip of delicious coffee.

Naggy's Cafe visited on 18 April 2008. Fair Trade Coffee Company visited on 9 May 2008.