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Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Thing I Like About My Job that I can take a day-off for the shallowest of reasons.

Gone are the days when I would feel shy in asking for a day leave just because I have some personal stuff to attend to.

Bakit naman kasi sa 'Pinas, kailangan mo pa ng matinding dahilan para lang makapag-leave???? I remember before, I still go to work even if I'm deliriously sick. As if naman titigil ang mundo kung hindi ka papasok. At kung hindi ka papasok sa work dahil may sakit or may emergency situation kang dapat na asikasuhin, nagi-guilty ka pa...parang nahihiya ka pang magkasakit.

This morning I told my workmate/teammate/partner-in-crime that I'm taking the day-off tomorrow just because I'm having a late night out with the husband tonight. Ang babaw ng rason, parang wala akong karapatang pumasok dahil mapupuyat lang ako. But then I don't feel any guilt at all.

Because the best part is that people here are happy that you are taking days-off or taking a long vacation. Sa 'Pinas, pag magli-leave ka, iba ang reaction mga workmates mo. Dito, they celebrate when they know that you are going away for a long vaycay. I remember when I told them that I'll be going on a 2-week vaycay, on my last week before I left, all my workmates kept approaching me wishing me to have a happy vaycay. May assurance pa yan na "Dont' worry, we'll take care of everything when you're gone." On my last day, my boss even kicked me out of the office before noon telling me to go home and rest and get ready for my trip the following day.

What about you? What do you like about your job?