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Monday, September 29, 2008

Hectic Weekend

Had a nice weekend spent with relatives.

27 September 2008

Saturday morning was spent at Berrima to celebrate the feast day of our very own San Lorenzo Ruiz.

After the mass, we had a procession going to the Grotto. Another prayer session was held there for Mama Mary.

Chris and I explored Berrima, took photos of the different shrines/mini-chapels, before we joined our group for lunch.

Two of the shrines/mini-chapels that I liked.

Would love to go back here again for a more quiet and prayerful time with God. We joined an association called Aguman, who organized this trip so that the proceeds will go to school children in the Philippines. There were three big buses so you can just imagine how many Filipinos there were in Berrima last Saturday.

After lunch we went straight to Corbett Gardens in Bowral for the Tulips Festival. A first time for me and the Husband.

Tulips everywhere!!!

Corbett Gardens also featured different flowers...most of which I don't know the name.

This was one of my favorite shot from the photos I took.

The weather was great! Very sunny, perfect for a day-out. Corbett Gardens is just a small to average sized garden so after exploring the whole lot, we just sat in a shaded area and relaxed a bit while eating paddle pops and ensaymada (our baon!).

Arrived home in time for dinner. Our usual Saturday night ritual involves watching a film and eating junk foods. This time we watched "What Happened In Vegas" (It was hilarious!) and ate Chippy (pinoy na pinoy). :)

28 September 2008

Sunday morning was spent doing laundry, tidying up our room and getting ready for the birthday lunch of our Tito Joey.

By 12:30pm we were at Tito Joey's having lunch. And since this is a Filipino party, there's always lots of food from salad, ulams and desserts of kakanin. Sarap!!!! They even had Danggit so I was a very happy camper!!!

Since this was a kapamilya's party, lunch party became meryenda party....then dinner party. Ayos! So technically we were there the whole day. What's good about parties like this is that I get to bond with the Titas, while Chris gets to bond with the Titos. Us ladies, we have the dining area all to ourselves, having tea or coffee with dessert, while the gentemen stays at the backyard having pulutan with beer. I also got to hang out with the kids in the rumpus room and got to watch Hellboy and Wall-E.

Back home at 7:30pm. Called my parents to say hello and update what's happening in our respective countries. Chris and I were a bit tired but happy that we had another enjoyable weekend. Lights off at 10:00pm.