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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mooncake Festival 2008

Now that Chris and I are together again, we are now able to celebrate events we used to celebrate when we were still steadies, one of which is the Mooncake Festival. I had onced mentioned a long time ago that we love celebrating Chinese Celebrations, one is the Chinese New Year and the other is the Mooncake Festival. We are not Chinese and we don't celebrate the way Chinese people do...but we see nothing wrong with celebrating other culture's traditions. When it comes to Chinese celebrations, it's all in the spirit of good luck, good will and good why not??? I'd say take it, take it, eat it! :)

We started celebrating Mooncake Festival well into our 3rd year of being steadies methinks. The husband belonged to the ad team of the bank where we used to work in Makati and were in-charge of sending Mooncakes to Chinese clients. Being part of the ad team, of course they got free Mooncakes too. Until the time we left the Phils, we celebrated Mooncake Festival in our own little way. On the eve or on the day of Mooncake Festival, we'd hang out at Starbucks and eat Mooncakes with our cup of coffee.

According to Wikipedia, Mooncake Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is a celebration of abundance and togetherness, it is for this fact why I love celebrating this festival.

There were no plans to celebrate this year. I even had the thought we wouldn't celebrate anymore because we didn't have free Mooncake, but two weeks ago, I went shopping at Chinatown and got myself free Mooncake.

So after Chris' advanced birthday party at the Rendon's place, we dropped by a cafe in Blacktown called Dolce and celebrated Mooncake Festival.

The Mooncake I got was tiny compared to the Mooncakes we get before but it's the thought that we are celebrating abundance and togetherness is what matters most. However small, the important thing is that we get to share it with each other...the way we share everything else in our lives.

To those who celebrated Mooncake Festival, hope you had a good one .