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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cooking Journal Week 1

I just want to record my cooking adventures so I'll have an account of all that I am able to cook in my kitchen.

For the first week of our stay in our home, here's what I've cooked so far:

Saturday (18/10/08): Adobo with Bean Sprouts

Sunday (19/10/08): Spaghetti (Italian style)

Monday (20/10/08): Barbequed Chops and Green Salad with French dressing

Tuesday (21/10/08): Sinigang na Baboy (with Chili and Kangkong)

Wednesday (22/10/08): Daing na Bangus and Ginisang Sitaw at Kalabasa

Thursday (23/10/08): Dinner at Pepper Lunch

Friday (24/10/08): Did not cook today, we ate leftovers

Saturday (25/10/08): Breakast Night with a twist! I cooked Egg and Spam and Sauted Cabbage. I also cooked Fried Rice.