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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you, Amazon!

Some things I buy via Amazon because either what I want are not sold here and/or it is cheaper to buy online.

Thank God that before the Australian dollars went down three or four weeks ago, I was able to purchase these:

LeSportsac Backpack and Shoulder Bag

I've been wanting to buy these LeSportsac bags everytime I make a stopover at Singapore and always, I would forget to buy at least one item from their store. I had about four stopovers in Singapore in the past two years already and the last time I was there, my last stop at the airport was at the cosmetics store. So now that I don't have plans of having any stopovers there and found out that Sydney doesn't have LeSportsac stores, I decided to buy via Amazon. I love LeSportsac for their funky and colorful designs.

lovemarks by Kevin Roberts

I discovered this book via Chris' workmate and found the book very inspiring. The book talks about brand marketing but the concepts Kevin Roberts shared in his book can be useful for those wanting to start a business. It also relates to customer service and could be a tool for improving attitude in the workplace . I love love love it! I saw this book at Kinokuniya sold for AUD$40++ but when I checked Amazon, it's about 60% less than the price here---and it's the expanded edition and brand new!

Thank you, Amazon!