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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Terrifying Morning

I'm exhausted.

The day started with a very memorable and scariest experience. We were on our way to our first appointment of the day aboard a bus when our our bus crashed into another vehicle. The vehicle infront of us was going out of their garage and probably didn't notice that there was a big bus on his rear. Chris and I were the only ones inside the bus. We were peacefully looking upfront when we noticed what was about to happen. The lady driver made a loud scream and in a split second the vehicle infront of us made huge tumble to its right side and the windshield of the bus made a shattering sound. It was a miracle that no one got seriously hurt. Chris and I were able to hold on tight to the seat handles infront of us. My left leg hurt a little from the pressure of the seat infront of us, but other than that, we're physically okay.

Emotionally though we were shocked and shaken. Til about lunchtime, we'd find ourselves quiet and looking into space thinking about the accident.

Thank God we're still here.