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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Pink

A letter to my first-ever iPod.

Dear Pink,

As of this writing, I know you're already in the Philippines and that you're probably in the presence of my dear parents. I'm envious of you. Buti ka pa sa Pinas magpa-Pasko, ako hindi.

Starting next year, you will have a new mummy...and a new home. My parents will hand you over to her. Be good to your new mummy. I already warned her of your "mood swings" (read: nagha-hang hehe). Don't worry, you'll be okay as I know that she's more patient than I am. And she will really take good care of you.

I just realized today (at this very moment) that I never even had the chance to take a photograph of you. I'm sorry, I never meant to take you for granted. Just tell your new mummy this: "Please return me to my mummy Ibyang should I have an accident (read: masira) or if you don't want me anymore." I know it might take a long while before I see you again but you will always a place in my home (wherever that may be).

Lastly, I miss you. However, I'm comforted with the thought that you will be making someone very happy when she sees you.


Mummy Ibyang :)