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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Elated. Excited!

My parents are coming to visit!!!!!!!

Thank you, thank you , thank you

for making my birthday wish come true

for listening to my affirmation for two weeks.

Since last week, my parents' visa application has been eating up my mind. When our travel agent told me that the documents have been sent to the immigration, I hoped and prayed for the best and fought back any negative thoughts that seeped thru my mind. This recent visa application is kinda different in the sense that it was the first time that my dad applied for an Aussie visit visa--and for those who know, it's not easy to get a tourist visa from the Aussie immigration especially when it's your first time to apply. My mum has been here a couple of times so that kinda gave us a bit of an assurance. But still, for someone like me who wanted to see and be with her parents so badly, I prayed for it so hard and just let His will be done.

When I arrived home from work, a text message was waiting for me. It was from my mom telling me the good news that their visa has been approved :) :) :) and we will be seeing them in March!!! Yehey!!! :D