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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Greener McDonald's

Wanting to take a break from cooking breakfast and spending some quiet time alone with the Husband, I surprised him with a "Good morning Baby, breakfast time at McDo!!!" this morning.

I ordered the usual: 2 Sausage McMuffin Meal and an order of Hotcakes. When I got our orders, I immediately noticed the new packaging of Hotcakes--they're now using paper, as in cardboard.

I don't know when McDonald's started using cardboard for their Hotcakes packaging (we seldom eat McDonald's nowadays even if we just live across the street from it) but I'm glad to see that they finally made the change.

And for the first time, I ordered coffee from McDonald's and I'm surprised that I like it. I like the taste of their coffee so much I didn't finish drinking it inside the resto but instead brought it with me to the shops while I do grocery. Take note that it's a Latte too--I'm never fond of Lattes. I wouldn't mind buying their coffee from now on.