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Friday, September 18, 2009

Post Birthday Musings

The biggest irony of all happened yesterday.

I recently purchased new lens for our camera in preparation for the Husband's birthday. Yesterday, as we were in a frenzy to go to church in the morning, I asked Chris to pack up the camera. After church, we had breakfast at a new cafe in the neighborhood. As we sat down to wait for our orders, I took out the camera so I can take photos of the cafe interiors. Yes, as soon as I sit down in a new resto/cafe, I work right away---that's how I am. Lo and behold, when I checked the camera, there was NO battery (!!!!). Isang malaking *sigh*. Of course I had to contain my dismay, I can't get mad at Chris for forgetting to check if the camera had battery in it as it was his birthday. Naloka ako at pinilit na maging deadma. The good news was that I brought our point & shoot cam, the bad news was very low bat naman na ang p&s cam. Ayayay talaga. Nevertheless, our p&s survived till we went home in the afternoon before going to dinner.

Anyway, we survived the day without an SLR. I just find it funny that I bought new lens for his birthday then we weren't able to use the camera at all during our day date.

This experience has made me realized that the tides have now turned. I think I'm more passionate now when it comes to photography...used to be that the Husband was the one who cared so much about it. Now, I don't think he cares that much the way I do.

As his way of making amends with the camera brouhaha, he is taking me out to coffee again today to the new cafe. It's a really really pretty cafe *wink*. :)

Chris is sooooo aliw with all of the birthday greetings he received. Maraming maraming salamat. It is very seldom that he reads my blog...believe it or not, it's only once in a blue moon when he reads my entries, but when I tell him that he has to read something I wrote, he does read it. He really finds it amazing that a lot of my blogosphere friends greet him too even if you've only known him thru my stories. He may not reply to every greeting in my blog, but please know that he is very grateful to all of you who took time out to write a few words to greet him.