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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thought Bubbles

A month ago, to my horror, I broke one of our Canon lens. It was just the 18-55mm kit lens but it was one of my favorite and trustworthy lens and one that I used mostly for blogging.

Two weeks ago, we found out that our other lens was causing our DSLRs to crash. I don't know how or what to call it. Simply put, every time we use our 28-135mm lens to both of our DSLRs, it makes an error, making the body of the camera turn off and dysfunctional. We've been using the 28-135mm lens together with the 30D but since the 18-55mm broke, we used it with the 400D as well. Whenever the 30D crashes before, we thought there was a problem with the body of the camera. However, when we used the 28-135mm lens with the 400D, it crashed as well. So that's when we discoved that there's nothing wrong with our is most probably the 28-13mm lens.

As if fate is playing a game on me, this all happened towards my Husband's birthday. Since we don't have a proper point and shoot camera, I cannot let it happen that we don't have a good camera on his 30th birthday. And yes, as OA as I may seem, I cannot live without a DSLR these days. We still have our telephoto lens and the 50mm lens, however, having no other lens used for shoots and events, patay ang negosyo hehe. So I had to order new lens this week.

Thursday Thought Bubbles (sharing with you some of my thoughts throughout the day)

morning tea number 1: half a slice of margherita pizza from Baker's Delight.

wow, too early for my package to arrive. it's not even 9:00am.
not expecting the package til after lunch time.
they (the online store) are really good. will buy from them again.
must call husband to tell the good news.

voila! my new baby wrapped in styrofoam wonderland.

i wanna go home. i wanna go home. i wanna go home.
i wanna go home and play with my new toy.
i'm so excited, it's been a loooong time since i've bought a new gadget.

green tea time. cup no. 1 starts now.

i really wanna go home. now na.
green tea cup no. 2.
must eat the other half of my margherita pizza.
need nourishment.

email received that a former "workmate" is going back to the office after resigning for two weeks.
what the hell just happened??? freaking unbelievable.
according to the email, he deferred his resignation and will be back next week.
naloka kaming lahat kasi mega-organize kami ng going away party and gift niya
at mega-dalamhati kami tapos ngayon babalik siya. isang malaking kalokohan.
not that we don't want him back, not that we can turn back time.
it's just unbelievable.

i forgot about lunch again!
second time this week.

my wormate just gave me this heart-shaped stress ball.
baka sa inis ko sa trainees ko, instead of just squeezing the stress ball in my hand,
i might throw the ball at them. god help me.
don't get me wrong, i love what i do but once in a while they really get on my nerves.

yay! an hour and a half before dismissal time (parang school hehe).

Ayoko na magtrabaho!!!!! I really just wanna go home.

Will go home in 10 minutes. :) :)

ngek! nandito pa rin ako sa office.
will really go home now.

Presenting our new baby: Canon 17-85mm IS USM Lens

I can now shoot as far as this...

and as near as this...

Photos taken from our balcony, us being on the 3rd floor of the building.