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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The "My Pilipinas" Moleskine Notebook

It was only two weeks after the "My Pilipinas" Moleskine Notebook was launched that I got the nerve to ask my mom if she can buy me one. I was kind of hesitant to ask her because she might negatively say "What kind of expensive notebook is that?". But when I learned that my uncle's going to Manila to visit, I can't help but request her to buy me one since she also asked what I want from the Phils.

So I sheepishly asked her, "Mom, there's this notebook that I want. It's called a Moleskine notebook and it has this Philippine map drawn on the front page with the words "My Pilipinas". It's a collaboration of Moleskine, National Bookstore and Collezione C2--you know the one that makes shirts with the Philippine map? Anyway, the Moleksine is my favorite notebook and I really really like it, plus it would be nice to have one that has a Pilipinas map on it. Can you please buy me one?"

Oh diba? Ang haba ng explanation. Take note, that I didn't initially mention the cost of the notebook hehe.

To which my mom replied, "Okay, where can I buy one?' So I told her, "National Bookstore".

But of course, I had to mention how much it is so she know what she's getting herself into.

To my surprise, she just said, "Oh well, you've always liked expensive notebooks even when you were little." Hehe. So my mom knows me well.

Then came a follow-up request of, "Mom, can you buy me one tomorrow? Because it was launched two weeks ago and they said they only made 4,800 baka maubos na."

I know, demanding. I even had to ask my plurkmates on where else my parents can find "My Pilipinas" Moleskines just incase they ran out of stock in NB Megamall (that's where my Mom was headed to when we talked).

So the following day, my parents trooped down to Megamall and thank goodness, according to my Mom, there were still a lot of "My Pilipinas" Moleskines at NB Megamall. The moment she texted me that she got me one, I'm one happy, relieved camper. Yay!

I'm so glad I got my "My Pilipinas" Moleskine last week. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!! I now have a second Moleskine waiting to be used. 

I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't made in hardcover but seeing the print of the Philippine map was good enough for me--makes me feel proud that Moleskine made a special edition for the Philippines.

The "My Pilipinas" Moleskine comes in two sizes: pocket size @ P995.00 and large size @ P1,480.00, both in plain and ruled versions. Available in selected National Bookstore branches and Collezione C2 branches.