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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunset on Air

One of my best surprising experiences happened yesterday as I took a plane back home to Sydney and looked out the window and witnessed a beautiful sunset.  It was the perfect blessing to end my short Spring getaway with the Husband.
Sunset on Air

I don't remember ever booking a flight during sunset hours and the moment I saw this spectacle outside my window, one of my thoughts were, "I should have done this ages ago."

There's something wonderful about watching the sun set while up on air.  It's like you are so much nearer to God's beautiful creations.
Sunset on Air

Life gives you perfect moments in simple, minuscule forms sometimes that if you're not living in the moment, you might missed it.

Yesterday up on air, I experienced one of the most perfect moments of my life: sitting inside the plane, the beautiful sunset outside my window and holding the hand of the love of my life.

I'm in love.  I'm at peace.  I'm blessed.  I'm grateful.