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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spring's Sunset

Summer is nearly here and Sydney Weather is becoming warmer by the day.  Although one can feel a cool breeze during mornings and night time , it can be pretty hot during midday til late afternoon.  Sunny but cool days--how I wish we have days like these all the time.  If I can choose one season for a whole year, I'd chose Spring!

What I love about this warm Sydney Weather is that it produces spectacular sunsets in the afternoon.  Last week, we were fortunate to come home to a welcoming sunset view.  Beautiful hues of pink and yellow as we looked out our balcony. 

Spring's Sunset

And as the sunset comes to an end, stronger hues come to life.  Pink and yellow turned to different shades of orange.  

Spring's Sunset

Some things in life are constant.  Although the Sydney Weather Forecast can sometimes be unpredictable, when the sun is out during the day, I know I'll come home and find a beautiful sunset show outside our balcony.

All photos by Ibyang Sanchez, copyright 2010.