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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hoop by melissa shoes

This entry is for my email buddy and friend, Laura.  She and I have been exchanging emails since the last quarter of 2010 and I'm grateful that she took time to reach out to me.  Her emails are always like a ray of sunshine, so positive, happy and warm.  Other than emails, we also get in touch via plurk.

Once, Laura asked my feedback about my melissa shoes so instead of just emailing her, I decided to share my thoughts here.

I bought two pairs of melissa shoes but as of the moment, I only wear one pair which is the Hoop shoes.  I'm currently loving it and I wear it everyday at the office.  As mentioned in my entry before, it has great cushion for the feet and even if I wear it the whole day, my feet does not feel tired or sore. 
My Melissa Shoes

I also wear my Hoop shoes on casual day-outs.  This was taken last Friday when I had lunch with the publisher of "Ang Kalatas". 
My Melissa Shoes

What I love about it:  it's comfortable, it does not give me sore feet even if I walked in it all day, it's cute (several workmates of mine have complimented them) and it can be worn with numerous outfits.

For melissa shoes' new designs, check them out here.

Photos taken by an iPhone 4.