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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My melissa Shoes Are Here!

These were residues of my online shopping last year.  Due to the Christmas and New Year holidays, they only got delivered today.

I've been wanting to try these shoes for awhile now because their shoes look cute, fashionable and comfortable.  According to the website:

 melissa plastic shoes are like sweet treats for your feet. As well as looking absolutely gorgeous, they are:
  • super comfortable
  • incredible works of structural design
  • sweet smelling – each infused with a delicious bubble gum scent
  • cultural icons for contemporary living
  • designed by the most exciting and innovative designers working today, across all fields, including furniture, jewellery and design
  • fun, beautiful objects of desire
  • objects of sustainable living
  • the best technology of renewal

melissa is a leading brand of the internationally acclaimed footwear manufacturer Grendene. The thermoplastic technology for melissa was developed exclusively by and for Grendene and is leading the way for sustainable practice for design, fashion and manufacturing.

All melissa plastic shoes are created with a zero waste ethos and particular attention to the life cycle of materials. melissa recycles 99.9% of factory water and waste, and they recycle overstock styles into next season’s collection.

melissa is also a proud partner of many non-profit organizations, donates monthly to support local homeless children and pregnant women (as well as massive donations of shoes) and also donates part of its monthly income to developing green urban areas.

For more about melissa shoes, please read here.

It's my first time buy shoes from them so I only bought two pairs to maximize payment for the courier and I thought it would be easy to return just in case they don't fit me well.  I also chose two simple-looking designs for now: a pair of ballet flat with straps and a pair of black shoes with a half-inch heel.

My Melissa shoes

According to the website this pair is called "Hoop".  Perfect for walking because even if it's flats, it's well-cushioned inside so it doesn't feel like I'm wearing ballet flats.  Sometimes even if I wear flats, my legs hurt from walking because some ballet flats are not well-cushioned.

My Melissa shoes

This pair is called "Silks + Neon".  This one's perfect for going to work as it has half-inch heels.  I seldom wear high heels to work because I don't like causing stress on my legs.  Plus, life here in Sydney is all about walking and running after trains and buses.

My Melissa shoes

My photos look bad (sorry!), not really in the mood to take photos today as I'm so tired from work. But I found good photos online.

The shoes fit me perfectly and they smelled like sweet bubblegum.  They are so comfortable.  Each pair comes with a shoe bag (seen on photo #3 above) too! 
If you want to buy melissa shoes here in Australia, shop via