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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Lifestyle Changer

The minute I learned that tablets are coming its way to consumers, I knew that life will never be the same again.  While others may see that tablets are a fad, I see it as a lifestyle changer--literally something that will change our lives.

It has changed my life in lots of ways even if I don't even bring it with me wherever I go.  Even if I own one, I mainly use my tablet at home and rarely bring it with me to work.

There are so many tablets to choose from nowadays and it's a matter of matching your needs to the kind of tablet that's right for you.

the tablet lifestyle

So how did it changed my life?

Travel Buddy.  We usually turn to the Husband's smartphone for help when it comes to google maps when we travel but with the tablet having a bigger screen, it was so much easier to look at maps and find our way.

the tablet lifestyle

Connectivity.  Once connected to 3G or WIFI, the tablet has been very useful in being connected to loved ones wherever I am.  At home, I don't need to open my computer to tweet, email or reply to a message in facebook.  No more logging on or off.  A touch of a button or a tap on the screen of my tablet and I'm online.
the tablet lifestyle

My Library.  It's been awhile since I've bought a real book or a magazine.  I love that I get to save storage space in the home now that I have a digital storage for my books, magazines and even Archie comics (yes, I still read Archie comics until now!).

Kitchen Reference.  A few have asked me, "Do you memorize the recipes you share on your blog?".  And the answer is, "No."  Even if I write my own recipes, I can't remember them all especially if I don't cook them all the time.  Again, no need to open a computer, all I have to do is use my tablet and voila, the recipe I need appears right there and then.  Very convenient too for searching for recipes online. 
the tablet lifestyle

My EntertainmentWhile I'm cooking, I switch to youtube and there's instant entertainment for me.  No need to open the TV.  Having a few minutes of "me" time in the afternoon while I sip a cuppa?  I switch to music and listen to my favourite songs. 
the tablet lifestyle

Health Partner.  The Husband installed some Yoga and exercise apps and it was very useful.  No need to play videos on TV or play Wii Fit on days when I'm busy.  I tap on the Yoga apps and you'll find me doing some Yoga positions and exercise repetitions in the lounge room.  The apps I use: All-in-One YOGA HD, Yoga for iPad and PoWorkout Trim & Tone.

the tablet lifestyle

A few has asked me if it's worth getting a tablet.  I believe the reason why people ask that question is because they see this gadget as a fad and not as something that will be part of their lifestyle.  I believe that it is up to the consumer to make any gadget worth their money.  It's up to the consumer how they will maximize the use of any gadget they buy. 

As for me, I thought hard on why I needed such an item and made sure that it is not just a want but also a need.  Now that I own one, I'm making the most of the tablet I bought and use it for making my life better and productive.

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