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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Korean Fried Chicken at Gallus Gallus (Chatswood, NSW)

From discovering a cafe, we discovered where we to eat delicious Korean Fried Chicken in Chatswood. 

After falling in love with Korean cuisine, the immersion won't be complete without having a taste of their Fried Chicken.  Korean Fried Chicken is prepared in such a way that the chicken skin becomes thin and very crunchy, then usually bathe in spicy sauce or garlic soy. 

We've found some Korean take away shops in Sydney that sells Korean Fried Chicken which I sometimes buy if I'm too lazy to cook.  I also learned how to cook them at home (will share recipe later).

We've heard about a Korean restaurant named Hello! Kyochon before but haven't had the time to visit until it closed and was bought by another Korean businessman who named the restaurant Gallus Gallus (scientific term for Chicken)

A short chitchat with the staff of Gallus Gallus confirmed that they still cook the same Korean Fried Chicken they served when the restaurant was named Hello! Kyochon.  There was a slight change in the menu as some Korean dishes were eliminated but their friend chicken remains their best dish.
Korean Fried Chicken at Gallus Gallus (Chatswood, NSW)

Korean Fried Chicken at Gallus Gallus (Chatswood, NSW)

It was rainy and cold when we dined at Gallus Gallus so we ordered their Seafood Soup to keeps us warm.  Not very flavourful but abundant with fishballs, tofu and mussels.
Korean Fried Chicken at Gallus Gallus (Chatswood, NSW)

Other than soup, we only ordered chicken, as in!  They offer regular chicken, chicken in garlic and soy and chicken in chili sauce in half and whole sizes.  Since the Husband wanted the garlic & soy chicken and I wanted the spicy chicken, we ordered half a chicken for each flavour.  I had to ask the staff if we're allowed to take home leftovers (not all restaurants allow customers to bring home leftovers) and when they agreed, we ordered a whole chicken.

The smell of freshly cooked fried chicken was enticing.  We smelled the chicken even before we saw the staff carrying the plate full of chicken to our table.

The chicken skin was amazingly thin but crunchy.  The flavour of the chicken can be tasted thru the innards of the chicken.  I enjoyed the spicy chicken as it really slowly burns the mouth while the garlic & soy has become my favourite as it had great fusion of salty and sweet flavours.
Korean Fried Chicken at Gallus Gallus (Chatswood, NSW)

Korean Fried Chicken at Gallus Gallus (Chatswood, NSW)

The leftover chicken we brought home tasted delicious still.  I just chucked them inside the over and heated them up and they tasted great!

Nowadays, KFC has a different meaning as it can also mean Korean Fried Chicken.

Gallus Gallus
Shop 3, 76A Archer Street
Chatswood NSW 2067
Phone: 02 9411 8766

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