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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Movie: Up (Life Lessons Learned)

"Up", the recently shown venture from Pixar, is an endearing tale of a 78-year old man named Carl who succumbs to the call of great adventure in order to fulfull a lifelong dream. The biggest surprise of his life was discovering too late that an optimistic 8-year old Wilderness Explorer named Russell has joined him in his quest to reaching Paradise Falls. And so the thrill begins as Carl and Russell met exciting and funny circumstances along the way before discovering some of life's greatest lessons.
I had no expectations when I saw this film and I was greatly in awe as the story and some life lessons unfold before me:

Marriage is an adventure (I was surprised that this cartoon movie is actually a love story! :)) and the journey of everyday is more exciting and fulfilling when the couple work as a team. It is also up to the couple to make their life as happy and fun as possible even thru challenges and disappointments.

If you have a dream, make it come true. Even if there are delays and things you need to prioritize in the meantime, there is no need to lose faith in yourself. You sometimes forget about it too and that is okay. Trust me, FATE will somehow make you remember. Whatever reason or excuses you may have, it will not matter anymore as long as you make it come true sooner or later.

Take care of each other. You may be with your husband/wife, son/daughter, parents, siblings, relatives or friends. Or you can even be with a stranger at one point in your life. Always remember that there is a reason why you are with that someone and you have the responsibility to look out for each other.

We all have something to learn from each other. Every person is a blessing in our life because we all have something to impart to each other--an encouraging thought, a positive advice, a lending hand, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear...a smile.

Life is an adventure. Love it, enjoy it, cherish it...savour every moment. Love deeply, have friends, help other people, travel and explore. Never take the small things for granted.

I know this blog post is too late to encourage some of you to watch it in the cinemas. But this may be useful if you have plans of buying the movie's DVD as this is very much worth your time and money. I highly recommend that you see it.

Personal Note: My Husband and I watched this movie on 17th September 2009.