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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things I Love: Banana Case from Morning Glory

I finally got around to using the Banana Case I bought from Morning Glory (Chinatown branch) two months ago.

The Husband's Birthday Staycation (September 2011)

 It took me awhile to use it because the prices of Bananas skyrocketed due to the floods in Queensland.  Now, the prices of Bananas have gone lower (less than AUD$4.00 per kilo) so I bought some right away because I've missed having them for morning tea.

Things I Love:  Banana Case from Morning Glory

I've always wanted to buy a case for my banana because I always bring them to work for my morning tea. I've seen some stores sell them but found it pricey (from AUD$11.00 to AUD$15.00).   When I visited Morning Glory in September, I found these cases in different colours and for only AUD$2.99!  Such great value for something so useful.

I love it for keeping the Banana I bring to work in "healthy" condition--no bruises and definitely not squashed at all.

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