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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Week's "Fri-date"

It's been awhile since we've had a day-out in Sydney and it was refreshing to spend the whole day of Friday last week walking around with the sun hovering above us.  Summer is very weird this year as most days, we are bombarded with cloudy skies and rains that won't stop for days.  We're glad that the day we picked to have a day-off together, the sun was shining for most of the day so I took this chance to be in my most laid back ensemble.

First stop was lunch at Eating World Food Court in Chinatown that serves the best Hainanese Chicken (more on that later).  Been craving for awhile so the Husband indulged me with food that I wanted.  The best thing about food courts is the cheapness of food and lots of choices.  The Husband on the other hand got himself some fried Pork Belly with Broccoli from a Thai restaurant.  Both dishes came in big servings for not more than AUD$10.00.

The main reason why we took a day-off was to see the Harry Potter Exhibition.  It was a pleasant and exciting afternoon as we remember scenes the Harry Potter film series by seeing more than 200 artefacts and replicas from the movie.  My HP article will come out in Ang Kalatas and later I will share more photos from the exhibition here in AWCL, so please watch out for that.  

Since we were at the Powerhouse Museum, we also got to see the Love Lace Exhibition.  It was a beautiful and poignant exhibition that made me fall in love with lace all over again. 

It seemed that it was an "Indulge Your Wife Day" last Friday as the Husband brought me to the Little Korean Town in Eastwood.  Since we've had an electric smokeless grill, we've been having our Korean BBQs at home but once in a while, we still crave to dine out...well, because we just want to have a break from washing the dishes hehe.

We had time to explore the two sides of Eastwood.  On the West Parade exit of the train station, you will find Eastwood's Little Chinatown.  Walked thru streets full of shops, bakeries, butchers and restaurants. That's where we found a woman juicing and selling Sugarcane.  The Husband told me we have this in the Philippines but I can't remember drinking it so he bought me a large cup.  I loved it!  It was refreshing and sweet.

On the Railway Parade exit of the train station, you will find the Little Korean Town.  Just like in Little Chinatown, there were shops, bakeries, cafes and restaurants but only in Korean flair.  We had early dinner at Jonga Jip Korean where we experienced the most number of Banchan Dishes, it filled up the whole table.  We had two plates of meat (pork belly and beef) for BBQ and a small pot of Kimchi Stew.  

After dinner, we explored the shops and bought a few bars of our favourite Lotte chocolates.  We wanted to have coffee before we left but changed our minds because we were so full from dinner.   

We decided to just go home and have some tea as we watched Friday's sunset in our balcony.

What a lovely day.  And as always, my heart is grateful for days that turned extraordinary because of the things my Husband does to make me happy.