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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Great Bagel & Coffee Company

The Husband has been bugging me for curly fries for ages. He gets his fix whenever we have a meal at Hog's Breath Cafe but there has to be alternatives so I searched the world (exag! hehe) for any other cafes that serve curly fries and found The Great Bagel & Coffee Company. This cafe caught my eye during one of our meet-ups at Macquarie Centre. I was curious about their bagel offerings and while I looked at the menu, I learned that they serve curly fries (ting!). I promised the Husband that I'd treat him to dinner there and it all happened last night.  We enjoyed dinner last night as the food at The Great Bagel & Coffee Company was great and healthy. The food may seem "fastfood-y" but I was surprised that the food were created with fresh ingredients and everything was made upon order. Nothing fastfood-y about their food.

Only a few people know that I love milkshakes. My old favourite was the one that McDonald's make here in Australia. I used to get drunk with their milkshake when I went on holidays here. But I dodged my love for milkshakes when I embraced a healthier lifestyle a few years back. However, last night I took my guards down and tried their Vanilla Milkshake. I'm glad I did! It was worth having their delicious and not too sweet Vanilla Milkshake served in a stainless steel glass. 

I wasn't in the mood for bagel so I opted to have the Chicken and Bacon Baguette. The bread toasted and crunchy, chicken a bit bland but the crispy bacon balanced it off with its saltiness. Tomatoes, pickles and lettuce completed the ensemble. I opted not to add any sauce (i.e. tomato or mustard) and just enjoyed the healthiness of it. Even if there was bacon, the whole ensemble was healthy because the bacon was just enough to give flavour, not deadly at all.

I ordered a siding of Curly Fries. Thank goodness I only ordered the small serving because it seemed a lot to me. I loved how they made their Curly Fries because it was crunchy and not oily. They served it unseasoned so it's up to us to put salt in our fries, which we didn't since we're used to a low-salt diet anyway.  We also didn't dip it in tomato sauce. We just enjoyed the freshness of the fries' natural flavour.

The Husband enjoyed their Flame Grilled Steakhouse Beef Burger which came with a lot of lettuce, tomatoes and onions. It was served with a generous siding of Curly Fries. The meat of the burger was flavourful and juicy. The best thing about it was it wasn't oily. 

 I wasn't able to finish my dinner so I asked the staff if I can get a bag so I can take it home. They instead gave me a food container for the food I'd like to take away. This leftover food has become my lunch today.
We are definitely coming back to taste some of their healthy and well-made food offerings and their curly fries. 

The Great Bagel & Coffee Company
Shop 444 Macquarie Shopping Centre
Corner Waterloo and Herring Roads
North Ryde NSW 1900
Phone: 9888 1900 

Shop 356K Level 3,Castle Towers Shopping Centre
Castle Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154
Phone: 9659 1002