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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Braza Churrascaria (Darling Quarter, Sydney)

In celebration of the Husband's birthday, we had dinner with one of our group of friends at Braza Churrascaria at Darling Quarter. It was a great place to be on a Friday evening. The atmosphere was festive due to the live music being played, accommodating staff, obliging men going around with skewered meats and happy diners enjoying great food.
Brazilian churrasco is a fun and meaty gastronomic experience anyone could ever experience.  Instead of ordering food, waiters go to each and every table offering different barbequed meats in skewers and patrons are given a slice of their choice.

Braza offers traditional churrasco AUD$47.00 inclusive of all the meats and unlimited side dishes. Drinks are paid separately. They also cater to vegetarians so just let them know that you prefer vegetarian options.

Go & Stop. These little green and red wooden things are a way for the waiters to know if you want more meat or not. If the green is on top, it means they can offer and serve meats to you, if red is on top, it is a sign for them to move along to the next patron. The meats arriving at one's table can be overwhelming so these Go & Stop signs are a way to pace oneself.
Braza Churrascaria (Darling Quarter, Sydney)

Complimentary Cheese Bread were served as soon as we sat down to our table. I enjoyed it's sweetness and would have loved to finish more but had to reserve the space inside my tummy for the meats.
Braza Churrascaria (Darling Quarter, Sydney)

Side Dishes. They have a lot of side dishes on offer such as:
- Vinagrette – Tomato Salsa
- Farofa – Roasted Cassava Flour
- Pimentas da Malaguetta – Brazilian Chillies
- Tá Fritos do Braza: Mandioquinha, Banana and Polenta
- Arroz – Yellow Rice
- Feijão Preto – Black Beans
- Maionese de Batata – Potato Salad
- Couve – Kale / Chinese Brocolli
- Salada Loca – Mixed Salad
- Salada Dois – Rocket Salad, Brazil nuts, Orange, Beetroot & Blue Cheese

All side dishes were good partners to the meats but my favourites were the Crumbed Banana, Polenta, Salada Dois, Salada Lica and Tomato Salsa.
Braza Churrascaria (Darling Quarter, Sydney)

Braza Churrascaria (Darling Quarter, Sydney)

Braza Churrascaria (Darling Quarter, Sydney)
Their meats were all flavourful, juicy, tender and perfectly barbequed. I loved it! There were chicken, different parts of beef and pork, lamb, ribs and chorizo.  The best thing is that they also have fish and prawns which makes Braza a real winner. They also have a barbequed Pineapple which was really sweet that it can be considered dessert.
Braza Churrascaria (Darling Quarter, Sydney)
Braza Churrascaria (Darling Quarter, Sydney)

Braza Churrascaria
1-25 Harbour St, Darling Quarter 
Darling Harbour NSW 2000 
Email for Reservations:

Phone: (02) 9286-3733
Fax: (02)  9286-3755

Lunch: everyday 12 - 3.30pm
Dinner: everyday 5pm till late