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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Rice Coffee Experience

Thanks to family and friends from Manila we now have a couple of coffees from the Philippines. I was sent a bag of Figaro coffee beans in Autumn thru my Mom. My thoughtful friend, Joyce, also learned of my mom's vaycay so she sent us two kinds of coffee, one of which was the Rice Coffee from Banna, Ilocos Norte.

I've drank this Rice Coffee a couple of times but last Saturday was the first day of Spring so I brought out our Spring-looking cups and do a bit of photography. Can you see the colour pattern in this photo below? Blue kung blue! I love it! :)  With matching smoke coming out of the cups too!
I Welcomed Spring with Good Coffee

Now more about Rice Coffee. 

Rice coffee is not coffee. Rice coffee is made from roasted rice. When my Husband saw this, he immediately thought of his loving grandmother who used to roast rice grains, afterwhich when poured with hot water results into an aromatic and sweet beverage.

The aroma and taste of my (deceased) grandmother-in-law's rice coffee was very similar to the Rice Coffee that was sent to us. In preparing a mug of rice coffee, half teaspoon of granules is enough. Then add half a teaspoon of sugar to make it sweet. Adding milk or creamer is optional.  I prepare our rice coffee using the french press to lessen the granuels making the blend smoother.

Rice Coffee is a good alternative to coffee as it is caffeine-free and has detoxifying properties.  During night time this can be your "calming beverage". Since it came from rice, it also has the benefits of uncooked rice such as B vitamins and fibre.
I Welcomed Spring with Good Coffee

The Original 100% Rice Coffee is manufactured by SCUFYND Food Products, Brgy. Sinamar, Banna, Ilocos Norte. Available in grocery stores in Ilocos Norte.