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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pho Viet (Cabramatta, NSW)

Today feels like Autumn (even if we're in Spring season) where the air is crisp and cool and our world is grey and gloomy. Seems like a day for having some hot and comforting Pho. Funny that this entry of mine (which I have scheduled to publish today) is about our gastronomic experience at Pho Viet, a well-known Vietnamese restaurant in Cabramatta where we've had two wonderful visits in the past months.

We had lunch here the first time that we visited. After exploring the food markets, we sat down and had a glass of Coconut Juice and Iced Lemon Tea to refresh us.
Gastro-Travel: Cabramatta, Sydney Metro's Vietnamtown
We started off with Goi Cuon, Vietnam's version of Fresh Spring Rolls, which consisted of prawns, vegetables and rice vermicelli. Dipped in peanut sauce to enhance it's flavour.
Gastro-Travel: Cabramatta, Sydney Metro's Vietnamtown
Gastro-Travel: Cabramatta, Sydney Metro's Vietnamtown
We ordered two dishes to share so we can try one of their Phos and rice meals. The Com Tam Dac Biet (Special Broken Rice with Fried Pork Chop) was served with a tasty piece of pork chop, noodles, veggies, soul and egg. This dish alone was so filling, it was more than enough for one person. I was smitten with how flavourful they've made their pork chops, I kept coming back to it.
Gastro-Travel: Cabramatta, Sydney Metro's VietnamtownGastro-Travel: Cabramatta, Sydney Metro's Vietnamtown
Never leave Pho Viet without having a taste of their Pho. The Pho Dac Biet is their beef rice noodle soul. It's packed with beef, veggies and noodles. The broth comes with strong but comforting flavours. It comes in a big bowl which can probably be shared by three people (such big serving!). Don't be wary of the uncooked beef as the soup is hot enough to cook it in a few minutes. 
PGastro-Travel: Cabramatta, Sydney Metro's Vietnamtown1210035
Enjoyed our meal immensely and will come back soon.

Pho Viet 
11 John St
Cabramatta NSW 2166
Phone: (02) 9728 6657