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Monday, December 31, 2012

Memorable Shows and Exhibitions of 2012

Last year, I was fortunate to have watched and seen more shows/exhibitions than I expected. Big thanks to friends who gave leads and invited us. There were so many wonderful shows and exhibitions last year but the Husband and I carefully chose what we'd like to really experience. Here's a list of memorable shows we watched in 2012.


Annie. My childhood dream to see "Annie" came true when it showed in Sydney during the first quarter of 2012. The musical that made songs such as "Tomorrow", "It's a Hard-Knock Life" and "Fully Dressed" famous. I enjoyed every minute of this heart-warming story of an orphan named "Annie" as she dreams a home to call her own.

Love Never Dies (Sequel to "Phantom of the Opera"). The continuation of Phantom and Christine's tragic love story. If you have seen "Phantom of the Opera", this is a must see. It's as fabulous as the its predecessor but more dramatic and poignant.

Legally Blonde. A fun and entertaining show that will remind you how great it is to have girlfriends who will always be there to share the highs and lows of your life, get over the man who broke your heart, fall in love again (with the right man this time) and celebrate the uniqueness in you. Read about my story here.


Harry Potter. An exhibition which made me appreciate and love the film series even more. It was a treat for movie enthusiasts to see each character’s wands and outfits worn in the movie, the flying car, the Horcruxes, the Twizard Cup, pieces from the Wizard’s Chess, the Invisibility Cloak and the full version of Buckbeak. Read my story and see more photos here.

Love Lace. Lace is one of my favourite fabrics (next to silk and satin) because of its intricate and meaningful designs, the details and hardwork that goes into creating them, and the romance and mystery it brings to those who wear them. The exhibition showcased the things one can do to lace, may it be in the form of dresses, boots, gloves, jewellery and artwork. It was a small exhibition but it was a beautiful showcase. See more photos here.

Picasso. The most significant exhibition of Picasso’s art ever held in Australia. More than 150 important paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings created by Pablo Picasso (1881–1973) have come from the artist’s personal collection – works he was determined never to relinquish. It was amazing to see his work and admire his style in art. 

Madame Tussauds. Enjoyed this fun exhibition with our family. Each Madame Tussauds is unique in every city as 60% of the wax figures in Sydney are composed of famous Australian personalities such as Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Olivia Newton-John, Kylie Minogue, Rod Laver, Lleyton Hewitt, Julia Gillard, John Howard and Mary Mackillop. Read my article on Madame Tussauds here.

Narnia. A short but fun exhibition for kids. I enjoyed seeing this exhibition because it showed the costumes used for the film. Made me appreciate the huge effort and cost in filming this kind of production. 


Sleeping Beauty by the Imperial Russian Ballet. One of the most watched ballets in history. The music was written by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, the original scenario was conceived by Ivan Vsevolozhsky and the choreographer of the original production was Marius Petipa. My first time to watch ballet and it was good. Read my story here.

Sports Event

Australian Open 2012. Another dream of mine that came true! We got to watch the best tennis player in the world, Roger Federer. And this all happened on my birthday which made me so happy. To watch a legend like Roger Federer is a gift.  For someone like me who's far away from any Grand Slam or Masters venue, it is a once in a lifetime blessing.  The minute Federer walked inside the court, the crowd was in awe.  One will feel the air of royalty alluded to him by many but he didn't look intimidating at all.  He looked relaxed and down-to-earth.  He has this certain grace that only a Master exudes. For more of my Australian Open 2012  experience, please read here.

In my books, this was a great line-up of shows and exhibitions. I hope the shows we see in 2013 will be as entertaining. We also look forward to learning new things as we experience a different set of shows and exhibitions in the coming year.