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Friday, February 8, 2013

Food Find: Nutella Yogurt

And I thought nothing can top finding Salted Caramel Yogurt but I was wrong. Last week, I passed by Yogurt World and they offer new flavours which included Nutella! Yup, the delicious and nutty goodness of Nutella transformed into yogurt. 
I had no plans of snacking while at the mall last week but my curiosity pushed me to grab a small cup and fill half of it with Nutella yogurt and the other half with Salted Caramel. I just had to taste it.

And I loved it! Their Nutella yogurt tasted similarly to the real Nutella spread. It's sweet, nutty and had a very faint sour flavour of yogurt. It's like eating frozen Nutella ice cream.

Here's another reason to love Sydney...we have Nutella yogurt! I say it's a must try if you're visiting this lovely city.

Level 5, Westfield Sydney
Pitt Street, Sydney NSW