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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Over the years, we've somehow made a few family traditions during Holy Week and Easter celebrations.  It all starts with Palm Sunday mass which we attend on Sunday morning. This year, our parish priest, Father Peter's message was, "As we begin the celebration of Holy Week and place a small palm across our homes, let us be aware of the need to weave the cross through our experiences".
Good Friday was devoted to attending the Stations of the Cross. After that, we got together with relatives and had lunch together. Once lunch was over, we went back home and spent the rest of Friday and Saturday at home. The time spent at home was a chance at rest, reflection and some quiet time. 
On Easter Sunday, we left home early to hear the Sunday mass at St. Peter Julian's Church. It was our first time to celebrate Easter in the city. To celebrate, we had breakfast at Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe. 
For lunch, we met up with our friends at Chinta Ria where we had a sumptous Malaysian lunch. We spent a few hours sharing good food and great company.
In the evening, we met up with relatives once again and had dinner together. Easter Sunday was a long day for us but we enjoyed it with people we love. 
Easter Monday is still a public holiday in Australia. We stayed at home just resting and getting ready for the work week ahead. Easter won't be complete without Hot Cross Buns so we had a bun each for afternoon tea. We got our hot cross buns from Adriano Zumbo this time and it was very thoughtful that they included a small block of Lurpak butter with our purchase. Zumbo's hot cross buns had a lot of raisins and apricot bits but quite heavy on cinnamon flavour.
It was an amazing four-day Easter break.  One of the best we've had. A time for God, family, friends and myself. All I have is gratefulness in my heart.

Hope you had a great Easter break too!